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College Search With an Eye Toward Debt

By Chris Wills | January 7, 2016

  College Inside Track was featured in the January 2016 issue of Twin Cities Business Magazine.

Eden Prairie to host college affordability class

By The Staff | October 6, 2015

CIT was featured in the Sun Current.

The College Myth Every Parent Needs to Know About

By Chris Wills | September 24, 2015

CIT was featured on Academics Decoded, the website of California-based Tier One Tutors.

Paying for college informational course

By Chris Wills | September 24, 2015

CIT was featured in the Northfield News.

Better Start Saving Now as College Costs Climb

By The Staff | September 15, 2015

Lee Schafer from the StarTribune in an article entitled, “Better start saving now as college costs climb”: Everyone with kids under the age of 18 should take a spin through the net price calculator that all colleges now have on their websites. Maybe have a glass of wine handy. And keep the bottle nearby. Just…

Jay on The College Checklist Podcast

By The Staff | September 15, 2015

In this recent episode of The College Checklist Podcast, our founder, Jay Benanav, shared an overview of how he helps students choose good fit schools and then a “deep dive” in to the cost of college. Jay shared his expertise regarding different ways to pay for college, including the various types of financial aid and loans available to families today. Download the podcast

Avoiding College Debt

By The Staff | September 9, 2015

Another segment from St. Paul-based KSTP TV and this one is about how to avoid college debt. College Inside Track’s founder, Jay Benanav, is featured in this segment.

Alternatives to Financing a College Education

By The Staff | July 12, 2015

KSTP did this segment on “Alternatives to Financing a College Education” and it features our cofounder, Jay Benanav, discussing some interesting alternatives.