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Insider tips for the week of Sept. 18, 2017

Top 10 things admissions officers care most about – Here are the 10 factors that college admissions officers say they put the most weight on, according to a new survey. One big surprise: Test scores aren’t even in the top three.   7 things to know about college rankings – A must-read for any family…

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4 essential FAFSA tips

The FAFSA is now available for families of HS seniors and college students starting October 1 and will use tax info from 2 years prior to the term being applied for (2016 tax year info for students starting college in Fall 2018), which was a change made last year. We see families commonly make significant…

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Insider tips for the week of May 1, 2017

4 questions every family should answer – Jodi Okun shares the questions every family should answer about college, including my favorite, “Who will be repaying the loans?” The parents assume the student will make payments, while the student may assume the parents will make payments. Everyone is surprised after graduation when the payment due notices…

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