Strengthen PROCESS Component

College Inside Track’s Family Checkup is designed to create awareness, highlighting key components of your family’s college process you can strengthen with specific resources. 

Based on your responses – the PROCESS component is your weakest. The solution – use our free resources below and in our College Insider section to educate yourself and your family.

advisorsHiring one of our College Inside Track experts is the fastest way to give your family an advantage with the complicated college process and assist you step-by-step to ensure you aren’t missing anything to help your family find the right fit and save lots of money.

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About Family Checkup


The college process is quite complex and staying on top of everything can be very challenging. There are strategies and best practices for each step along the way, and we measure how prepared your family is to successfully navigate the rapids ahead.


We measure how prepared you are to consider the right academic, social and financial fit when determining the best college for your child. Students often transfer or drop out because they found a fit in 1 or 2 of the areas, but not in all 3.

Academic fit means your child will be challenged, but not so much so that he or she is in over their head, and the college offers programs matching areas of interest.

Social fit takes into account the personality of the college and how it aligns with your son or daughter, as well as access and availability of things like sports and clubs that are important to them

Financial fit considers your family's financial situation, the gifts and talents of your child and how they align with a college's financial aid policy. This is perhaps the most challenging of the 3 for families to figure out because financial aid policies are not easily understood and in many cases change.


Paying for college is the second largest purchase most families will make in their lifetime, yet most know more about buying something comparatively insignificant like a television. Making things more complicated, like airline tickets there is no consistent pricing model and nearly everyone is paying a different price even though they are generally receiving the same education. We measure how prepared you are to make the college purchase and get the best financial deal for your family.

Featured Resources for PROCESS

Visiting Colleges Checklist

The folks at have put together a nice and detailed checklist to use when visiting colleges; we suggest filling this out for each of your visits and then using it as a basis for comparison: Visiting_Colleges_Checklist


5 Steps to a Successful College Essay

Write your essays in five easy steps  1. Get Started Decide on a deadline and mark it on your calendar. Break the task down into smaller parts: starting date, completion date, and working dates in between when you will write. Decide what you want the college admissions office to know about you that isn’t spelled out in…


3 Key Questions to Determine When to Take Standardized Tests

Most families don’t realize that timing should be a consideration when taking standardized tests, and Lauren Gaggioli of shares 3 main criteria she uses to determine whether students should take their first test in the fall or the spring.   Question #1: What level math is your student in?   If your student is…