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College Resources from College Inside Track

Coronavirus College Resources For Families

The already complicated college process just became more challenging for families in the wake of COVID-19. Campus visits are cancelled, ACT test dates are postponed and more changes every day. How does a family conduct a search and choose a college in this new environment? College Inside Track is here to help and below is…


4 Mistakes Families Make That Raise The Cost Of College

College Inside Track President Chris Wills was featured on the WCCO Sunday morning show with Esme Murphy sharing mistakes families should avoid that could unnecessarily raise the cost of college. Among his suggestions: Have a clear game plan for how you are going to pay for college, and avoid the philosophy of “if you get in,…

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Helping Families Save Money on College

CIT’s Chris Wills was featured on the WCCO Sunday morning show discussing strategies for families to save money on college.