Our Team

Jay Benanav - Founder

Jay is a longtime college consultant and is committed to helping families find the right academic, social and financial fit. He served on the St. Paul City Council for 10 years, has a law degree from St. John’s Law School and has attended Harvard School of Government and Columbia University School of Business.

Jay’s wife Lucy is a clinical social worker and a former teacher in the St. Paul Public Schools. They have three sons all of whom have attended and graduated from college with very little debt.

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Chris Wills - President

As a college student, Chris founded a company now helping over a half million high school students transition to life after high school and has had a passion to help families with the college admission process ever since he and his parents made many mistakes and learned things the hard way.

He has been a featured speaker at college admissions, school counseling and financial services conferences around the country, and he and his wife Vanessa, a high school teacher, have two young sons, John and Thomas.

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Cozy Wittman - Education and Partnerships

Education and networking are a way of life for Cozy. At College Inside Track she runs both the parent events as well as professional development training for those who work with families who have high school students. She speaks nationally about college search, training financial and other professionals.

Cozy is excited to connect with organizations and families interested in learning more about the complex college process.  She is a mom of 5 kids with very different goals for college, so she is no stranger to the college search challenge.

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Suzy Fallon - College Consultant

Suzy admits to loving teenagers! She has a passion for helping them figure out what’s important to them and finding colleges that will fit them academically, socially and financially. Suzy is an avid lifelong learner and is a certified life coach, health coach and public speaker.

She received her undergraduate degree from Binghamton University in New York, her law degree from California Western, and her college counseling certificate from UC Irvine. Suzy lives with her husband Larry, and two active kids, Elle and Cooper.

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Jennifer Danforth - College Consultant

Jennifer has been a school counselor for over 20 years, first at St. Louis Park High School and then with Nova Classical Academy, where she personally developed and launched the highly successful college counseling program.

Jennifer is past president of the Lakes Area Counseling Association and is a licensed school principal. Her son Zach is currently attending college.

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Susan Whalen, PhD - College Consultant

Susan especially loves the mentoring elements that come into play in admissions work, and exploring with students how their interests and skills might develop in particular college programs. She spent the first part of her career as a professor and associate director of a human rights archive at University of Colorado Boulder, followed by teaching and consulting for high performing high schools.

Susan earned a B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin, and has an M.A. and Ph.D from Pennsylvania State University. She lives in St. Paul, where she grows tomatoes and is obsessively searching for a puppy to bring home.

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Matthew Andrews, PhD - College Consultant

A graduate of Stanford University, Matthew has founded education companies serving over 1 million students in 63 countries. He has developed college counseling curriculum for business and schools and has been a featured speaker at education conferences around the world.

Matthew's expertise includes designing, implementing and assessing educational programs, and he has used clinical interviews and surveys in a 4-year longitudinal study to understand how adolescents develop a sense of purpose in the world.

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Greta Van Ochten - College Consultant

Greta has a passion for helping students navigate the college search process. She has a unique understanding of the college campus environment from her previous career in higher education publishing where she visited campuses and worked with college and university faculty and staff.

Greta graduated from the University of Michigan and currently lives with her husband Greg. They have two grown daughters, both in graduate school.

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Lessa Scherrer - College Consultant

Lessa has worked with many populations of students, including homeschoolers, students with learning differences, and the gifted. She is active in Mensa and also spent seven years teaching ACT test prep. She has also designed a college prep study skills curriculum for students preparing to apply to highly selective colleges.

Lessa is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds a Certificate in College Admissions Counseling through UCLA. A former homeschooler, Lessa lives in Eau Claire, WI with her husband, two goofy dogs and, at any given time, one or more of her three boys.

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Tiffany Kolb - College Consultant

Tiffany has worked with students and families throughout her professional life, as a teacher, administrator, and college counselor. She loves working with teens and young adults; finding a creative solution to a problem; and seeing the expression on student faces when they reach success.

Tiffany has a BA from Loras College, and an MA from Viterbo University. She and her husband Doug have lived the college application process with their three kids and understand how crazy it can get when parents try to do all the research required to figure out the college admission process.

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Robin Alcala Saner - College Consultant

Robin has a long history of working in college counseling, both as a longtime licensed school counselor in Rochester, Minn., and also as a professor in the Winona State University Counselor Education department, where she trained other school counselors.

Robin has a BA from Blackburn College, a master's in school counseling from Winona State University, and is currently completing her Doctorate of Education. In addition to her work, Robin has three lovely daughters and a husband who is also a licensed school counselor.

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Donna Wilkerson - Office Assistant

Donna worked for the Rochester Public Schools in the business service department for 37 years before coming to College Inside Track. During her time with the district, she managed payroll, purchasing, budgeting and forecasting.

She and her husband, Jim, have two children and four grandchildren.

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Colleen Loerzel - Office Manager

Colleen has worked in the customer service and office administration field for most of her career and is passionate about creating raving fans. She and her husband, Lloyd, have three daughters and eight grandchildren.

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