High Schools

School counselors are kindred spirits and we highly value the work they do. We complement their efforts and help them in a handful of ways:

Parent nights

Our expertise is helping families with the financial aspect of college, a topic most high schools do not address in depth. We partner with a significant number of schools to do free parent nights that are 100 percent educational and not at all commercial in nature. Contact us to learn about our current presentations and explore having us share our education with your families.

Professional development

We educate school counselors on the financial aspect of college. Contact us to learn about our current presentations and explore having us speak at your next conference or team meeting at your school.

Content you can share with parents

Social media and newsletters are a terrific way to engage parents, but providing content that is actually valuable is extremely tough. We consistently produce top notch articles that you are welcome to share (with attribution) in your parent newsletters and on social media. Sign up here to receive our monthly content.


College Inside Track has been a hit! This year, after their presentation, a parent, who has had several children already graduate from high school, came up to me and said she had heard so many things that she had never heard before. This about sums up my experience with College Inside Track. They provide honest, transparent, insightful, and highly important information to students and families (and school counselors as well!).

Before they came, I was somewhat nervous that they may be pushing a product/service, but it is apparent that that is not the goal. You can see the passion behind what they do and the information they share. I never felt like they were trying to sell me something, but felt like they were trying to help me, and help my students and parents. I would strongly encourage all schools to host a parent night for their community!

Rachel Kemp

Licensed Professional Counselor, Saint Agnes High School

High school counselors are asked often to host different companies who want to "sell" their business to families. College Inside Track is a no stress way to give parents valuable financial information about paying for college without the sales pressure.

Hearing information from someone other than a parent, teacher or counselor can be very helpful for students and their college choices. College Inside Track will do the heavy lifting for parents and help students see that college debt is not a good way to start adult life. I highly recommend them.

Becky Wallerick

College Counselor, Bloomington Jefferson High School