Cozy Wittman on Wicked Pissah Podcast: College Planning

College Planning with Cozy Wittman: Wicked Pissah Podcast, Episode 191

In this episode, Brad Wright and Jeff Tomaneng are joined by Cozy Wittman. Cozy is an education and partnership leader at College Inside Track. Cozy speaks nationally about college search, educating families and training financial advisors and other professionals who work with families with high schoolers. She is passionate about dispelling myths around how colleges accept students and how they price their product.

Topics of discussion include:

  • College planning is more than “Just get in and we’ll figure it out”
  • We’ll attempt to understand the difference between need-based aid and merit-based aid, how to search for colleges that give more, and how to appeal their initial offering.
  • We’ll learn what impact FAFSA changes have had on the college search and pricing process