Full pay as a college strategy

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While many families are looking for ways to reduce the cost of college, a new strategy has emerged that actually seeks to pay the full amount for college.   The ability to pay the full sticker price can make families more attractive to schools, and thus increase their chances of getting accepted.   According to…

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Financial Strategies to Pay for College

Financial Strategies to Pay for College– In this webinar, CIT Education and Partnerships pro Cozy Wittman discusses how to create a strategy for paying for college and effectively surface the topic of the college budget with your child.  aid.  A must-see webinar!   

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FAFSA delayed

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The FAFSA form for students entering or attending college in Fall 2024 would normally open on Oct. 1, but has been delayed until sometime in December due to the significant new changes being implemented. The Department of Education needs more time to update the application and the various calculations related to the updates. This also…

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Cozy Wittman Shares ROI of College at 2023 FPA National Conference

With the price of college continuing to climb, many are asking if it still makes sense to send kids to college! Cozy Wittman, Education and Partnerships, addressed that issue (including a specific discussion of the Ivies) at the 2023 FPA National Conference in Phoenix. She also addressed some of the big changes in the college landscape. She ran…

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Jay Benanav Q&A: Imminent Financial Aid Tasks & the 2023-2024 FA Landscape

Q: Jay, what is new and reportable in the 2023-2024 financial aid landscape?  What have we learned in the last application cycle?  The later you complete and submit your forms, the longer you wait to get your financial aid award. Schools are expecting them much earlier than they used to. If a school requires the…

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4 guidelines for taking on student loan debt

Identify the average starting salary for the field the student is planning to go into, and the family should not have any more than that number in total education loans. Considering a school that would leave you with $35,000 debt for an undergraduate electrical engineering degree? That would pass the test for an acceptable amount…

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3 ways families can lose financial aid

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As if it isn’t hard enough to finance college, many families overlook the strings attached to maintain and not lose the financial aid they received freshman year. It’s easy to see how this happens. Families are grateful for any financial aid they get and simply assume it will be the same every year. But there…

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