“When Should You Engage a College Admissions Consultant?” CIT’s Cozy Wittman with The College Financial Lady

CIT’s Cozy Wittman interview: “When Should You Engage A College Admissions Consultant?” When does starting early with a college admissions consultant make sense? For certain groups of students, in the land of college admissions the early bird most reliably catches the worm! An early start may be especially beneficial in terms of both ease of…

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Congratulations to Sophia Behnke, Augustana College Class of ’26!

Congratulations to Sophia Behnke, Augustana College Class of ‘26! Augustana is a selective, private liberal arts college in Rock Island, Illinois. It sits on 115 hilly, wooded acres adjacent to the Mississippi River, and has a strong reputation for excellence in the creative arts.  Remember Sophia’s name, because with world enough and time Sophia one…

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FAFSA change for small business owners

small business owner

  Add small business owners to the group of people impacted by the upcoming FAFSA changes for the 2023-24 school year. Currently, the value of any privately held business, including assets, with less than 100 employees does not need to be reported on the FAFSA as part of its small business exclusion. This includes a…

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FAFSA 101 with CIT’s Cozy Wittman: The Weekly Wealth Podcast April 6

FAFSFA 101 with Cozy Wittman on The Weekly Wealth Podcast:  Listen Now! In this April 6 broadcast,  CIT’s Cozy Wittman speaks with David Chudyk on FAFSA-related topics. College planning, college selection, college funding, and even the decision TO go to college can impact the financial lives of students and parents for decades.  In this episode, Cozy…

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Insider tips for the week of February 28, 2022

indecisive student

  Types of loans available – Fred Amrein provides a good summary of the various loans that may be offered to families as part of a college’s financial aid package. Key learning: The Direct Federal Loan is the only one entirely owed by the student and is limited to a total of $31,000 over all…

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Insider tips for the week of February 7, 2022

college wisdom

  Expert tips on getting the most scholarships – Suzy Fallon from College Inside Track shares the secret sauce for how families can maximize scholarship dollars. Key takeaway: Each college has its own financial aid philosophy and you want to find those that match with your student’s profile. Take a few minutes to read this…

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