Partner Companies

College is now the second biggest purchase most people make in their lives and the significant increase in cost and complexity has families searching for answers and offers employers a tremendous opportunity to provide value through education. Contact us to learn about our current presentations and explore having us share them with your employees.

We strive to be an employer of choice, and that includes consistently looking for ways to help our employees both in and out of the workplace and within their daily lives. College planning is one of the top stressors for families, so it has been a terrific fit to partner with College Inside Track and have them educate our employees.

The content is tremendous, and our employees absolutely love the convenience of being able to learn about such an important topic during the workday and without having to travel anywhere. Any company looking to provide real value to its employees through education should bring College Inside Track to their campus.

Behrang Khavanin, M.Ed

Corporate Services Manager, Allianz Life