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Unusual Scholarships

By Jay Benanav | September 11, 2015

While definitely the most popular, unusual scholarships are oftentimes the most exclusive. Their eligibility requirements are strict, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find an unusual scholarship for which you qualify. This list of scholarships s organized according to some of the more common subcategories of unusual scholarships, such as physical characteristics, creativity, last name,…

Graduation Rates

By Chris Wills | September 11, 2015

Knowing the graduation rates of the schools you are considering might mean the difference between paying 4 or 5 years worth of tuition. When combined with the lost opportunity of earning an income while your son or daughter is in school the extra year, that adds up to quite a bit of money. The Chronicle…

Scholarship Search Sites

By Chris Wills | September 11, 2015

There are plenty of good, free scholarship search sites on the web that you should never pay to search for scholarships. Most of these sites, however, require you to create a profile and provide an email, which usually means you end up getting hundreds of unwanted emails from colleges or other places trying to sell…