Insider tips for the week of October 4, 2021


10 things to know about getting into your dream college – Eric Hoover shares 10 takeaways from his hundreds of interviews with admission deans. Our favorites: Express your authentic self, don’t take rejection personally because admissions officers aren’t looking for students that just fit one description, and colleges want to be your first choice. Scan the list and be sure to share with your student.


campus visit5 people worth talking to on your campus visit – Most families walk around blindly on a campus visit unsure of how to truly maximize their precious time. Scott Anderson provides savvy advice on people that each have a unique perspective on campus life and can be an unexpectedly rich source of information. A must-read if you are planning on visiting schools.


What to know about early action and early decision – The various ways to apply to a college can be confusing, and US News and World Report helps explain the differences. A key difference is that early decision is binding, while early action is not.


woman saying no with hand10 things college rankings won’t tell you – Although we all love lists to help us simplify things, Reilly Tuccinard provides more great evidence that families shouldn’t be using college rankings if they really want to find the best fit.