VIDEO: HS Juniors! Three Things To Do NOW To Ensure Strong Teacher Rec Letters

Juniors have experienced online learning and cancelled or shortened extracurricular activities as a function of the pandemic.  Many report that they tell they hardly know the teachers who have taught them this year, and worry that their core teachers don’t know enough about them to write great letters of recommendation.

Don’t despair!  CIT Consultant Robin Saner offers three great tips for high school juniors:  things to do now to ensure that you receive the strongest possible letters from your teachers.

VIDEO: Advice for Juniors Seeking Teacher Letters of Recommendation


Sample #1: Letter to Provide to Recommending Teachers

Sample #2: Teacher Rec Letter Request Form, from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)


CIT Consultant Robin Saner, Ed.D, has worked for decades as a professor and high school counselor in the Rochester, MN area.  Robin is the 2019 Minnesota Postsecondary Counselor of the Year.