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Tips on the 6 trickiest FAFSA questions

The FAFSA is a quintessential government form, meaning it isn’t always as easy to understand as it should be. And with over 100 questions to navigate, far too many families make mistakes that are unnecessarily costing them money. Money Magazine compiled the following tips on how to tackle the 6 trickiest questions:   Questions 24…

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4 last-chance financial aid strategies for parents of juniors

With last year’s big change to the FAFSA, families of current HS juniors (2019 grads) will now use tax information from 2 years prior to their year of HS graduation when they complete their first FAFSA in the 2018-2019 school year. This is a huge deal because whatever those families are doing (or not doing)…

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Earlier FAFSA Submission Date Offers Students Better Chance At Aid

CIT’s Chris Wills was featured on WCCO TV sharing advice on the new October 1 FAFSA filing date. Among his suggestions: Families should file as close to the Oct. 1 date as possible because some of the financial aid is first come, first served. All families should complete the FAFSA, regardless of how much money they…

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