College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Fall 2020


college student textingWhen you get the text “I don’t feel well…” – Scott Sager writes about the challenging moment parents of college students face of not being right around the corner anymore when your son or daughter is sick. Check out his 5 suggestions in the moment and 4 recommendations for the next time your student is at home.


How college changes your relationship with your child – The Atlantic explores the formative time when students attend college and the limbo between independence and dependence they have with their parents. This limbo, it turns out, can spur a healthy evolution and improve students’ relationship with their parents. Take a few minutes to check it out


Terrific college job even with virtual semester – Getting a job in college used to mean working at the campus bookstore or at a nearby mall or restaurant, but as Money Magazine shares, major companies have launched campus ambassador programs where students can promote brands on social media.


college care package50 great care package ideasCheck out this great list put together by Annie Berning. My favorites: A wall poster of a landmark from home and a microwavable popcorn popper!