College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Fall 2022

Student loans and loan forgiveness – Join us for a webinar exclusive to CIT alumni on Thurs, Dec. 1 at Noon CT, on everything you need to know about student loans and loan forgiveness. 3 ways to help an overwhelmed student – Former Stanford academic coach Adina Glickman provides terrific, practical advice for parents to…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Winter 2022

  Mental health – helping students find support services on campus – Mental health issues are steeply rising among high school and college age students.  Coping effectively with these issues are challenging when your teenage child is at home with you, and is even harder once your child is off to college.   Join us…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Spring 2021

college student lying on couch

  Scholarships for current undergrad students – If your college student is looking for additional scholarship money, start by exploring opportunities specific to his or her school and program of study, and then share this handy list of outside private scholarships from   Essential advice for early career success – Check out this Forbes…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Winter 2021

figure giving heart

  FAFSA changes – The COVID relief bill passed at the end of 2020 also included some significant changes to the FAFSA. While the changes do not go into effect until the 2023-24 school year, that year’s FAFSA will use tax information from 2021, so there are current day considerations. And because the FAFSA is…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Fall 2020

college care package

  When you get the text “I don’t feel well…” – Scott Sager writes about the challenging moment parents of college students face of not being right around the corner anymore when your son or daughter is sick. Check out his 5 suggestions in the moment and 4 recommendations for the next time your student…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – July 2020

uncertain college student

  4 tips on what to do about fall – CIT”s Cozy Wittman has been working through the uncertainties of returning to college in the fall with her daughter and shares 4 tips for working through the decisions you have to make.   3 ways families can lose financial aid  – As if it isn’t…

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