College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – July 2020


4 tips on what to do about fall – CIT”s Cozy Wittman has been working through the uncertainties of returning to college in the fall with her daughter and shares 4 tips for working through the decisions you have to make.


lose college financial aid3 ways families can lose financial aid  – As if it isn’t hard enough to finance college, many families overlook the strings attached to maintain and not lose the financial aid they received freshman year. Take a minute to make sure you aren’t making one of these common mistakes.


10 mantras for college students – Melissa Fenton provides 10 helpful mantras to share with your teens and college kids before fall semester begins.

uncertain college student3 suggestions to help your student cope with uncertainty – With so much debate right now about what will happen with schools, the economy, etc, psychologist Angela Duckworth shares 3 helpful tips for coping with uncertainty. Take a minute to read and then share with your student.