CIT ConsultantTips: Building the College List, Part Two

Jay:  Have a family conversation about how much your family has budgeted for college & look at colleges that fit that budget. A quick way to do that is to use the Net Price Calculator on each school’s website. If you find that the college does not fit your budget, remember, there are dozens of great schools that will meet your budget.

Kim: Instead of getting lost in the labyrinth of the websites, read the Fiske Guide first! It’s a great summary of many aspects of what the college has to offer. Plus it lists the most popular majors and additional colleges that are similar in some way.  Next stop is the website, but now you have a map. 

Marit: Start close to home, even if you want to attend college in a different state. The first time you tour a college and attend an information session, going home and sleeping in your own bed is always nice. If possible, tour a larger university and a smaller liberal arts college to experience the difference. Then, read reviews about these colleges and compare the reviews to your experience. Learn to trust yourself.

Lessa: Internet lists are a beginning, not an end point. Instead of using rankings and lists as a deciding factor, use them to get some ideas of schools you might like, then research your major and programs on the colleges

Paige  Research & Self-Reflection: Start with a deep self-reflection on what you want in a college – size, location, programs, culture, etc. Then research schools that align with these factors. Remember more is not better –  sometimes it’s just more confusing.