Congratulations to Cora Madison, University of Kentucky Class of 2028

The college search process can be daunting. With 2800+ 4-year colleges in the US, students have many options to consider. It can get overwhelming very fast. What’s great about that, though, is that as each student starts to define what they are looking for, many options can fit the bill. Cora Madison, University of Kentucky, Class of 2028, is an excellent example of how taking the time to define what she wants can result in extraordinary outcomes!

Cora explains it like this: “I was nervous at first because there were so many college options, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. This program helped me narrow down and pick out the schools that best fit me. Having the help of a college expert was the best part: being able to ask questions about colleges and having help with my essay. I am proud to say that I found a great college and can’t wait to attend next fall.” Her mom, Heather, agrees, “I love that Cora found a college that she is excited to attend. It is far from home, but seeing how excited she was when we visited helped me understand that this is the right choice for her.”

Heather goes on to say, “Starting this process, I was very overwhelmed. Cora did not want to stay in Minnesota, and I had no idea how to help her find the college that she was looking for. The research time to find schools with football and nice dorms in a big town with a small-town feel, in warmer weather was going to be a huge task. Our consultant did an amazing job helping Cora narrow down those options. I’m so happy that I was told about this program. Not only was our consultant great to work with, but she helped ease our minds that the right place was out there and that we were going to find it together.

Cora’s consultant loved working as part of Cora’s team. It was fantastic to connect with both Cora and her mom, Heather, and Cora did a great job with the time management part of her college search. Cora also appreciated the team approach: “I would like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity to try something new and helping me through this process. I had a lot of options and elimination to go through, which required a lot of research. So, I appreciate them being patient with me.” Cora’s research paid off, and she was accepted to all the schools she applied to!

With a robust dance schedule and having dedicated significant time to being a camp counselor for younger girls, Cora had to get good at balancing her schedule. Adding a college search on top of that could have been overwhelming, but as Heather says, “Cora has always had a busy schedule, and I have loved watching her grow and mature these last few years. She is independent and strong, and I have no doubt that she will be ready for this next step in her life.”

Speaking of next steps, Cora is really looking forward to being a part of the Univ. of Kentucky in the Fall, “A few of my favorite things about this college are its campus and the dorms. The campus is in the middle of Lexington, which makes it accessible to other activities. It also is contained, so there’s not a lot of traffic through the campus. I’m excited about the dorm rooms because I get to have my own room inside the dorm. It also comes with a bathroom I get to share with my roommate. I look forward to attending all the football and basketball games with my new friends.”

Finally, Cora wants to thank part of her “team,” her teacher, Mr. Doell: “I would like to thank one of my teachers, Mr. Doell, for helping me find what I wanted to do. He is always supportive and encourages me to do my best. He is the reason I want to study business management in college.”

Cora, Congratulations!  We are all so excited for you and know you will have a fantastic time at the University of Kentucky. You have so many great things ahead of you! Well done!