Insider tips for the week of April 6, 2020


5 ways to evaluate a college in the COVID-19 world – Campuses are closed for visits, so how does a family evaluate a college in the new COVID-19 world? College Inside Track President Chris Wills goes beyond the normal advice and recommends 5 excellent tips.


9 important adulting skills to teach your captive teenager – Catherine Pearlman says there is no time like a pandemic to clear crazy schedules and provide a window of opportunity to teach your student vital life skills. My favorite: Write a thank-you or get-well card.



Are you on the same page with your spouse about paying for college? – Money Magazine points out that a shocking number of parents shield their children from the reality of high college costs, and far too many haven’t talked about the topic themselves. Take a few minutes to read some practical advice and then implement it before it becomes a bigger issue.


6 tips for parenting in the age of Coronavirus – Marybeth Bock shares advice on steps you can take to help your kids deal with the stresses and disruptions to their normal routines.