Congratulations to Greta Laurel, Macalester College Class of 2028!

Greta Laurel knows really cool stuff. The 2024 Hudson Senior High School graduate knows about biology and optometry, how to make Corgis smile, how to make beautiful ceramic bowls and sculptures, how to avoid bears in her backyard, how to win a fiercely competitive pizza-making contest, and above all, how to make sure the quiet kids in school are never left out of the discussion. Greta is what is known as a “connector,” and her laugh, her wit, and her sense of humor will serve her very well next year at Macalester College. It will also make her a valuable addition to Macalester’s Tennis team as she enters the world of D3 Tennis at the collegiate level.

Her natural spark shines through both her classes and her social life. When asked about next year, Greta enthuses, “I am most looking forward to my classes and tennis! I am going to take as many interesting classes as possible, like ceramics, biology, psychology, chemistry, and many more that I am sure I never expected to take.  I am also over the moon excited about tennis at Mac! I have played tennis ever since I was little and have fallen in love with it even more over the past couple of years. I am so excited to make friends on the tennis team and work with Coach Lauer to improve my tennis game!”  Her mom, Carolyn, adds, “We are so proud that she will be playing on the Macalester Women’s Tennis Team – a dream that she has had since she was a little girl.”

Greta’s parents, Carolyn and Mike, are excited to have her close enough to come home on the weekends, but in her own world. “We are so thrilled that Greta has chosen Macalester College, her first choice school. Macalester’s values are built on four pillars: Internationalism, Multiculturalism, Academic Rigor, and Service.   These values and vision make Macalester a fantastic match for Greta. We love the opportunities that a liberal arts college offers. Although she will be on a Pre-Med track, we have been equally impressed with Macalester’s Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and Art departments.”

Greta is also looking forward to epic Pushball games on the green at Macalester – “One of my favorite parts of Macalester is all of the activities and interests available to Mac students. For example, the multiple internship opportunities in the Twin Cities are related to my interests in biology and medicine. I also love the activities Macalester has for the students. There is a specific game called Pushball that involves pushing a giant inflatable beach ball across the center of the campus. This is just one example of the fun student activities that Macalester hosts, and I am excited to participate in all of them!”

One of the hard parts of college is all the fun and interesting choices that students find there. Greta’s parents aren’t worried about this for Greta – “Greta has an incredible ability to set goals and then to develop the discipline and the processes to accomplish them. But more importantly, she has been able to do each of these things while maintaining balance in her life – something that the rest of the family has tried to learn and emulate.” 

Carolyn and Mike had great advice for families just starting in this process, having now gone through this twice with Greta and their older daughter Isabel (Vanderbilt Univ. Class of 2027):  “Our most important advice is to hire a company that specializes in college admissions. We have been so thankful for our decision to work with College Inside Track. Having help from a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced, confident, authentic, and invested counselor made this very challenging time a breeze. It was such a relief for us to have a fabulous resource to help us through this new chapter of our lives.”

Greta wanted to make sure she talked about her parents – “I want to thank my parents for sticking with me my entire life. They always pick me up when I fall, crack a joke to make me feel better, and then help me with whatever I need. I have never met such driven and hardworking people in my life. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be the person I am today without them. I love them to the moon and back!”

She also said this about her CIT Consultant: “I want to thank my college counselor. I will forever be grateful for all the help they have given me during my college journey! They have helped me become even more confident because of their kind and encouraging words. My family and I would have stressed so much during my college application experience without them. They have not only become one of my great friends, but now I see them as a family member! I am eternally grateful to them.”

Greta, we have had so much fun watching you go on this adventure. You are going to make Macalester College a more fun, friendly place. We know you’ll have a fantastic time with your new tennis friends, and we will cheer you on in all your wonderful endeavors!  Congratulations Greta!