Impressive work by any measure! Mankato students learn skills and impact community with Pick Two project

Mankato MN high school student Katie Rooney wanted to make a difference and had an idea stirring, but wasn’t quite ready to take action. Once she put together the College Inside Track Pick Two plan and engaged the help of a friend, a beautiful service project started to take shape. 

Katie’s idea was to repurpose thrifted clothes and donate the profits. While both students enjoy hunting for the right items to re-invent at area thrift shops, Katie’s friend, Mattea Burmeister, is the seamstress who cuts, adjusts, and sews the clothes for resale. Katie, meanwhile, tracks the inventory and works on the Instagram page that sells the customized thrifted clothing.


The two young women worked together to set up an Instagram account and photograph the sale items, which got the business up and running. They decided to call their company Generosity, because from the beginning, Katie said, “Fifty percent of the profits would go towards humanitarian groups. At first we didn’t know which groups. Then, we set up the Instagram account, got a few followers and decided to set up a poll to get input on where our followers would like to see the money go.”


Currently, 50% of their profits are being donated to the Muslim Global Relief Organization. Generosity founders Katie and Mattea  plan to poll and donate to other organizations in the coming months as inventory and profits grow.


Katie and Mattea are learning how to operate a business Instagram page, which involves marketing and inventory management. The two high school students also balance work and home responsibilities, therefore are also working on time management skills.  Impressive work by any measure!

Interested in checking their online store? You can find them on Instagram @generosity_mn.