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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Applications Open

By Susan Whalen | October 17, 2022

Student loan forgiveness applications open  The Department of Education has launched a beta test of its application website for those seeking debt relief. Federal student loan borrowers can now submit applications through the Department’s beta mode website. Borrowers who submit their applications now will not need to resubmit them once the Department of Education begins…

“When Should You Engage a College Admissions Consultant?” CIT’s Cozy Wittman with The College Financial Lady

By Susan Whalen | May 17, 2022

CIT’s Cozy Wittman interview: “When Should You Engage A College Admissions Consultant?” When does starting early with a college admissions consultant make sense? For certain groups of students, in the land of college admissions the early bird most reliably catches the worm! An early start may be especially beneficial in terms of both ease of…

SAT changes come as more colleges become test optional

By Chris Wills | February 4, 2022

College Inside Track President Chris Wills was featured on KARE 11 television discussing the new SAT changes. Here are the most significant changes to the test: Starting in 2024, the SAT will be taken online Test takers will be allowed to use calculators for the math section The test will be cut down from three…

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Big changes to financial aid and college savings plans

By Chris Wills | November 8, 2021

  College Inside Track was featured on KARE 11 TV discussing the upcoming FAFSA changes. In the KARE 11 interview, CIT’s Chris Wills said four big changes are coming to the way parents and students apply for financial aid and save for college. #1: The Application is Getting Smaller and Easier to Fill Out #2:…

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Podcast: Navigating Student Loans

By Chris Wills | June 9, 2021

College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman was a guest on the “Your Life, Simplified” podcast sharing her wisdom on navigating student loans. Getting accepted into the school of your dreams can be stressful enough, but then you have to think about how — and who — is going to pay for it. Cozy shares best practices…

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Podcast: College Planning – Going Beyond the Dollar Signs

By Chris Wills | June 8, 2021

College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman was a guest on the “Your Life, Simplified” podcast sharing her insight on college planning. Cozy goes beyond loans and scholarships for an in-depth discussion on considerations you may not be thinking about. Listen to the podcast here

CIT’s Cozy Wittman Talks Scholarships with The Weekly Wealth Podcast

By Susan Whalen | April 21, 2021

College Inside Track’s  Manager of Education and Partnerships, Cozy Wittman, was featured recently on The Weekly Wealth Podcast.  Cozy discussed planning for financial aid and scholarships with David Chudyk, Financial Advisor at Parallel Financial. Topics include: misperceptions around scholarships (including best and worse strategies for good money), the biggest providers of strong scholarships, how colleges…

Understanding the College Financial Aid Award Letter

By Chris Wills | March 15, 2021

  College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman was recently featured in the Journal of Financial Planning, discussing ways to create transparency for families in the college funding process and better understanding the college financial aid award letter. Cozy explains in detail the college financial aid award letter, tips after receiving it, elements of good and bad…

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Is a Gap Year Right For You?

By Chris Wills | March 14, 2021

  College Inside Track’s Lessa Scherrer was featured in the Carlmont (Calif.) High School newspaper providing insight on “Is a Gap Year Right For You?”  Scroll down to the end of the page to view the article.

Esme Murphy interviewing Chris Wills WCCO TV

FAFSA changes interview on WCCO

By Chris Wills | February 11, 2021

  College Inside Track President Chris Wills was interviewed by Esme Murphy on WCCO TV, discussing the changes made to the FAFSA. Wills explained that the changes, which go into effect for the 2023-24 school year, will be based on a family’s 2021 tax return information so families need to understand them now. Some of…