Insider Tips for the week of February 3, 2024

Insider tips for building the college list (part two) – The College Inside Track Consulting Team  for effectively building a strong college application list.

FAFSA mistake fixed but data further delayed – The huge mistake on the new, redesigned FAFSA will be fixed, but colleges won’t receive any student FAFSA information until sometime in March, further delaying a process that is already months behind.

College admission: 3 messages you need to hear – Rick Clark shares honest and direct facts about admission to selective colleges. Key takeaway: you cannot have a high level of assurance of being admitted, regardless of your academic or extracurricular background.

5 things every family should know about their Student Aid Index – Your Student Aid Index (SAI) is a number you receive after completing the FAFSA that helps colleges determine your ability to pay for college.

Check out 5 things every family should know about this important number.