Insider tips for the week of January 1, 2018

How to talk about money with your student – Affording college is a big issues for parents and their kids; take a few minutes to read some helpful tips shared with Money Magazine by Karen Levin Coburn, author of a recent book on the topic. My favorite takeaway: Parents should start out with a clear idea of what they are willing and able to pay without putting themselves into a risky financial position, keeping in mind that it’s not the sticker price that matters, but the actual cost of attending.


The 3 secrets to getting into your dream school – How do you get into a school like MIT? Chris Peterson, assistant director of admissions, shares a wonderful perspective from the college side. Please share this important read with your child and thank you to Kevin McMullin of CollegeWise for highlighting his advice.


How one student saved $20,000 on college – It wasn’t lots of scholarships but rather some very savvy planning and decisions. In this must-read for you and your child, Money’s Megan Leonhardt provides a terrific playbook on how average families can make college affordable by planning ahead and making some sacrifices. My favorite piece of advice: sign up for the earliest orientation session to get a better chance of getting all the courses you need.


What your kids really think – Money and Barnes & Noble College released a fascinating study revealing what parents and students think about college — where they agree and where they are way off (like who is paying). Take a minute read the infographic and then use it an opportunity for discussion with your child.