Insider tips for the week of Sept. 18, 2017

Top 10 things admissions officers care most aboutHere are the 10 factors that college admissions officers say they put the most weight on, according to a new survey. One big surprise: Test scores aren’t even in the top three.


7 things to know about college rankings – A must-read for any family in the midst of the college search process. The folks at Best College Fit have done an excellent job explaining the sham that is the college rankings game. My favorite takeaway “If rankings guides are so useful, why will barely half of entering college freshmen graduate from any college in their lifetime, and far fewer graduate from the college they initially chose?”


College costs even more than you thought it did – NPR has a helpful article on little-known costs of college. My two favorite takeaways — 1) Students living at home aren’t always saving money because they get less access to aid and 2) Financial aid calculators overestimate how much parents can pay.


4 essential FAFSA tips – The FAFSA is now available for families of HS seniors and college students starting October 1. We see families commonly make significant mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars; check out our 4 essential tips for maximizing your opportunity to get money for college:


Here are our upcoming education seminars; visit our calendar for a comprehensive list: