Insider tips for the week of September 2, 2019

College’s hidden costs: What the admissions office won’t tell you – The father of a college freshman shares with the Washington Post costs families incur beyond tuition, room and board. He admits they thought they thought they knew what the costs would be but were “dead wrong.” An important read for all parents.

4 questions every family should answer – Jodi Okun shares the questions every family should answer about college, including my favorite, “Who will be repaying the loans?” The parents assume the student will make payments, while the student may assume the parents will make payments. Everyone is surprised after graduation when the payment due notices start arriving and no agreement has been put in place. Take a couple minutes to ensure your family has the answers to the questions.

9 tips on picking a best-value college – Money Magazine shares its key criteria to identify schools that will provide the best value for your family.

The real secret to college success may surprise you – In a terrific piece for Inc., Scott Mautz discusses findings from a Stanford study on what makes students successful at college. Those who engage in the undergrad experience, regardless of how “elite” the school is, have the greatest impact on learning, well-being, job/career satisfaction, and future income.