Making the Final Decision – What to do Next

If you haven’t yet made the decision on which college you will attend, remember that you need to make it by May 1. Once you decide, notify the college that you have accepted their offer. Also take time to notify the college’s that you are NOT going to that you are not accepting their offer. Many schools have students on their wait list and it is important that those schools know that you are not enrolling so that they can offer the spots to other students.

Send in your deposit to the school you have chosen by May 1 and follow their instructions re: housing, financial aid and anything else that is in the admission packet. If you are not sure what to do all the admission office and speak to them. They are there to help. You can also call me if you need help.

If you have not taken the time to thank the teachers or other people who wrote you a letter of recommendation make sure to do that and let them know where you are going. It may be a little “old fashioned” but I suggest a hand written note to those people.

Parents: If your student is going away to school contact your auto insurer and let them know where your student is going. Many insurers will reduce your rate if the student goes to school away from home. Below is a short video that might be helpful:

Making the college transition: