Spreading Artwork with Grace

Spreading Artwork with Grace


College Inside Track client Grace Guillaume decided to make the most of her time at home during COVID-19 by improving her artistic skills.  Inspired to take action through CIT’s Pick Two program, Grace turned to online art classes to improve her acrylic painting technique. 


The Pick Two program is multifaceted, challenging students to look inward and choose something for personal growth, but to also look outward and seek a project that can impact others. That is exactly what Grace did in her Kansas City community.


Last summer, Grace was a camp missionary at Camp Barnabas, a Christian camp that provides positive experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses, along with their siblings. Saddened by the fact that she wasn’t able to see the campers and spend time with them this year, her paintings were inspired by the camp’s natural beauty. Grace painted images of what the camp calls Inspiration Point where the central cross sits and where counselors and campers alike could bring their prayers at the end of the day.


After contacting the camp’s administrators with her idea to share her paintings with the campers and staff, Grace contacted a local printer, who generously donated 100 color images of one select print.  Grace is packing up the prints, to be sent to the camp with the campers, with a handwritten message on the back. Grace’s message says to “cherish the little things in life. Know that I am praying for you at this time.” 



Through the College Inside Track Pick Two project, Grace improved her brush stroke and color blending. She also took the initiative and leadership to involve Camp Barnabas personnel and share her idea with the printing company, who both wanted to get involved. By sharing her talents, she is bringing joy to many!