Where Are They Now? Holly Swiglo, Oberlin College & Conservatory ’27

Holly Swiglo is a 2023 graduate of Roseville Area High School in Minnesota. She is in her first year at Oberlin College and Conservatory for Environmental Studies. Holly always knew she wanted to major in environmental studies. When she was in high school she started an environmental club and then worked both at school and in the community to support environmental causes.

Holly is also an accomplished dancer and wants to continue dancing in college. At Oberlin, she can major in environmental studies while taking dance classes and joining dance groups.  

Holly was dedicated to her college search and worked hard to research and learn about all the schools she applied to. Ultimately, Holly decided Oberlin was the right fit for her. This summer, she is looking to intern with an environmental nonprofit group. We are so proud of Holly’s work for environmental causes and cannot wait to see what she does throughout her college career and beyond. 

What have you enjoyed most about your college experience? 

I have enjoyed meeting new people. Everyone is themselves, and you get to be who you want.

What has been surprising to you about your college experience? 

At first, I had to learn how to manage sleep, academics, and social. It took a while to get adjusted. At first, I wanted to be a part of everything, and I did not want to miss out. Now, I have figured out a routine and realize that I can enjoy everything and still get sleep. 

What specific major are you studying? What experiences/classes have confirmed this is a good choice for you? 

I am an Environmental Studies major with a pathway or concentration in food systems. I am not sure food systems is my final pathway, but I am interested to learn more. I also have the opportunity to be involved in both ballet and jazz. This summer, I am hoping to do an internship with a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization.

What is your best tip for making the most of the first year of college? 

Get involved, widen your circle, and be proactive in meeting people. I ended up living on a sustainability-themed floor. I had the opportunity to meet people who were interested in something I  was also passionate about. It was a great way to start conversations and go to events that we all enjoyed. 

Reflecting upon your college search: what advice would you give high school students who are searching for the right fit?

Touring schools was important to me because it helped me get a feel for a college—meeting with students while on campus helped a lot too. Trusting what you feel is more important than the name of the school. When I was searching, I realized there were many great schools, some well-known and some less familiar. 

Final thoughts? 

Oberlin was the right college for me. I am happy I looked at and visited colleges because it helped me find the right school. I know it can be stressful but the outcome was worth the work I put into it.