College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Spring 2021

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  Scholarships for current undergrad students – If your college student is looking for additional scholarship money, start by exploring opportunities specific to his or her school and program of study, and then share this handy list of outside private scholarships from   Essential advice for early career success – Check out this Forbes…

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Understanding the College Financial Aid Award Letter

  College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman was recently featured in the Journal of Financial Planning, discussing ways to create transparency for families in the college funding process and better understanding the college financial aid award letter. Cozy explains in detail the college financial aid award letter, tips after receiving it, elements of good and bad…

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1 MIN VIDEO: Strategic Thinking About Loans, Beyond the Federal Loan

What if the Federal Loan isn’t enough for your student?  Strategic thinking about loan options beyond the federal loan — with important cautions for parents — from College Inside Track Manager of Education and Partnerships Cozy Wittman. An additional resource from CIT President Chris Wills:   Four Last Chance Financial Aid Strategies For Parents  

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U of Minnesota To Offer Free Tuition to Lower Income Residents

University of Minnesota regents in February approved a free tuition plan for students of families learning less that 50k per year.   The offer applies to student who will study at the flagship campus in Minneapolis (where tuition will run approximately 15k per year), along with the University’s campuses in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester.  …

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Winter 2021

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  FAFSA changes – The COVID relief bill passed at the end of 2020 also included some significant changes to the FAFSA. While the changes do not go into effect until the 2023-24 school year, that year’s FAFSA will use tax information from 2021, so there are current day considerations. And because the FAFSA is…

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Insider tips for the week of December 7, 2020

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  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – In our new “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” series, College Inside Track consultants debunk some of the claims we’re hearing about college admissions. We would love to address some that YOU’RE hearing, too!  Tell us yours in the Comments section.  We will respond with specific and factual info,…

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Insider tips for the week of November 2, 2020

parent talking to child about college

  A simple way to start the college conversation with your teen – Bestselling author Jacques Steinberg and Eric Furda, dean of admissions at UPenn, have developed a practical exercise for parents and students to undertake together. They recommend using simple index cards to begin the process of looking inward at the specific attributes of…

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College Inside Track Alumni Newsletter – Fall 2020

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  When you get the text “I don’t feel well…” – Scott Sager writes about the challenging moment parents of college students face of not being right around the corner anymore when your son or daughter is sick. Check out his 5 suggestions in the moment and 4 recommendations for the next time your student…

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Insider Tips for the week of May 4, 2020

   3 new paying for college strategies in the COVID-19 world – COVID-19 has massively disrupted the college planning process, which has created new opportunities for families to potentially reduce their cost. Check out 3 new college financial planning strategies to consider (as always, please consult with a financial professional to determine if any are…

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