Congratulations to Liam Bennicoff, Babson University ’27!

CIT Congratulates Liam Bennicoff, Admitted Early Decision to Babson University, Class of 2027!

Congratulations to Liam Bennicoff, who will attend Boston’s Babson College in the fall, majoring in entrepreneurship. Babson is a small college about 30 minutes from Boston that specializes in business majors. Liam has both an entrepreneurial and inventive mind, something that will suit him well to Babson. Jason Bennicoff, Liam’s dad, explains, “I think Babson is an excellent fit for Liam for many reasons, but its specialty in entrepreneurship really sets it apart from other schools.  A real bonus is the cross-registration between Wellesley, Olin, and Babson, which will allow Liam to earn a certificate from The Olin College of Engineering at the same time as his business degree.”

Babson campus

Liam first fell in love with Babson during their three-week “Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience” program, for which he won a scholarship. During the three weeks, he learned about social, economic, and environmental problems framed by the U.N. Global Goals and how entrepreneurship can begin to help address those goals. He also connected with a Babson faculty mentor, who eventually wrote him a letter of recommendation for his application. 

Some of Liam’s inventions include a record player for his car and some ideas for solar panels for rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles. He also runs a business, Uniquely Antique, where he specializes in WWII militaria and other antique items he finds in estate sales and thrift stores. He is most proud of earning a “Top-rated Seller” designation from eBay, which requires 100% 5-star rankings from his many customers.

The Babson World Globe

In addition to running his business, Liam is a swimmer, an actor, and a volunteer. In school in Scottsdale, he was involved in Boys Team, an organization that brings young men together to do things like pack meals for the needy and prepare and bake cakes for hospice patients. The club also worked with Bob’s Free Bikes to provide bicycles to underprivileged children. Liam was active in Junior Classical League, a club for Latin students, where he served as Pontifex Maximus (Historian) and achieved Magna cum Laude and Maxima cum Laude recognition on the National Latin Exam. He also qualified for the Junior Olympics in fencing! But one of his proudest achievements is helping his elderly neighbor, Bill, in his garden. His consultant says, “Liam wrote a lovely and very creative Common App essay about Bill and how his garden brought the neighborhood together. I’m sure it was able to catch Babson’s attention.” Dad Jason adds, My wife, Chastity, often says, ‘That kid is just too good for this world.’  What she means is that he is truly the kindest, most considerate person we know,” a quality that definitely came through in his application.

Liam wants to thank his parents for all their support in taking him on college trips throughout the country and helping him with his research. “They were always with me in the process. I wouldn’t have been able to get into the college I did without their help.” His best advice for other students is to keep your list to a manageable size. “Rule out the options that seem obvious and that you don’t want to go to. I started out my list with like 94 colleges–a crazy number like that–and it took ages to get each one sorted out because I was so committed to finding something I liked about each of them. But this ended up just holding me back.” By October, it was clear that Babson was his first choice, so the family decided he would apply early decision, an application plan in which Liam agreed in advance to attend if Babson would admit him. Babson was as eager to have him as he was to attend, so he was admitted in December of senior year.