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Will St. Paul’s $50-a-baby college savings program work?

By Chris Wills | January 2, 2020

College Inside Track’s Jay Benanav was featured in the Pioneer Press’ two-part series on St. Paul’s college savings program.

Families with college-ready children receive help for university preparation

By Chris Wills | October 9, 2019

College Inside Track was featured in River Town Multimedia for its event helping families choose a college that is the right academic, financial and social fit. Families in Western Wisconsin also shared how CIT has helped them with their college searches.

Your College Savings Game Plan

By Chris Wills | September 26, 2019

CIT’s Cozy Wittman was a guest on WCCO Radio’s Your Money with Bruce Helmer and Peg Webb and discussed steps you can take now to make college more affordable. Listen to Cozy’s advice here.

College Inside Track featured on Money Talks radio show

By Chris Wills | August 14, 2019

College Inside Track founder Jay Benanav was a featured guest on the “Money Talks” radio show on Twin Cities NewsTalk AM 1130, Wall Street Business Network on AM 1440 and The Patriot AM 1280 hosted by Terry Sandvold of Sandvold Financial Group. Click below to listen to Jay’s segment

Costs Of College: What Parents Should Consider While Looking At Schools

By Chris Wills | July 10, 2019

College Inside Track’s Cozy Wittman was featured on WCCO TV discussing a financial framework for how families should think about their college search. Cozy emphasized narrowing visits down to schools with the right academic rigor, social environment and price point. She says she often consults with families who haven’t put much thought into paying for…

Saturday night with Esme Murphy

By Chris Wills | March 26, 2019

In the wake of the college admissions scandal, College Inside Track President Chris Wills joined Esme Murphy on WCCO News Talk Radio to discuss and provide other college admissions advice. Chris appears 38 seconds into the 7 pm segment.

Minnesotans say college admissions scandal shows ‘stacked’ system

By Chris Wills | March 17, 2019

College Inside Track was featured in a Star Tribune article responding to the college admissions scandal.

‘Hard Work And Talent Should Be The Decider’: Students React To College Admissions Scam

By Chris Wills | March 13, 2019

College Inside Track President Chris Wills was featured on WCCO TV responding to the college admissions scandal, saying that “college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”

CIT response to college admissions scandal

By Chris Wills | March 13, 2019

With the college admissions scandal all over the news, we wanted to respond as members of the vast majority of the college counseling world that work with families honestly and ethically.   It’s incredibly upsetting that people would manipulate the college admission system in this way, and every industry seems to have a very small…

Insider tips for grandparents

By Chris Wills | November 12, 2018

CIT’s Chris Wills was a featured guest on the Accredited Investors Wealth Management WiseLife Speaker Series. Chis Wills joined Accredited’s Jeremy Heckman and discussed all aspects of the education planning journey, examining not only the current details of college planning – including myths about financial aid and insights into cost reduction tactics – but also…