Insider Tips for the week of February 1, 2021


parent worried about collegeI’m worried my child won’t get into a good college – The Atlantic’s Lori Gottlieb writes an important piece about how we as parents help our children address disappointment in the college process, but more importantly, in life. From the moment kids are born, they take their cues from the adults around them about how to respond to experiences in the world, and how we handle the stressful application process sets the tone for how our kids will respond. College is about the right fit, not the most prestigious name. Read the article and discuss with your child.


Expert advice on crafting a college list – Jeff Selingo explains how to build a college list, and the importance of how you start it. He encourages families to think about the money and to consider not just expensive schools but those who may award merit scholarships. An easy 2:30 min. video to share with your teen.


college application stands outTips on what to do now to make your college application stand outCollege applications are increasingly asking questions related to student experience during COVID-19, and students should be thinking about how to use their time now to be in a position to stand out. CIT’s Susan Whalen and Greta Van Ochten share some tips.


Dept of Ed encourages colleges to consider financial aid appeals – A Forbes article explains how the US Department of Education is encouraging colleges to approve financial aid appeals, especially if family finances have been impacted by loss of income or high medical bills, due to COVID. The income information colleges received on the FAFSA may not reflect financial hardship of the last 10 months.