Insider tips for the week of July 4, 2022

What you need to know about admission deadlines– Rick Clark does a nice job of explaining an important topic. Worth the read now, well ahead of the rush and anxiety of the fall application season.

When should you engage a college consultant? – Ann Garcia addresses early start elements, problems with a very late start with a consultant, and how to search for and evaluate admissions consultants.  For certain groups of students, in the land of college admissions the early bird most reliably catches the worm! An early start may be especially beneficial in terms of both ease of process and admissions outcomes for families with particular admissions goals.

The Role of “Impact” and Why It Matters in Admissions -Parents often wonder what type of activities their student can participate in to impress college admission officers most. CIT’s Paige Feldman explores this common question through the lens of impact, and what really matters most. A valuable read.

How to build an independent research project in HS – Stephen Turban explains the what, why and how of independent research projects. He sees two main reasons to do an independent project: 1) to explore an area of academic interest that you’re particularly excited about and go far deeper than you could in a class, and 2) to build a project that reflects your interests and abilities to the outside world (including colleges).