Insider tips for the week of June 8, 2020


College admissions advice and helpful tips to help you navigate the process:


ACT canceled woman showing frustration on her faceMy ACT keeps getting canceled – What am I supposed to do?Recommendations on what to do if your ACT is canceled, how it will affect the college admissions process, and a list of test center cancellations.


3 tips to engage your teen while they are stuck at home with you – School is out, summer programs are canceled, what’s a parent to do? Dr. Susan Whalen from College Inside Track shares helpful tips to keep your child (and yourself) happy and healthy.


teen rejecting parentWhy teens reject your solutions to their problems – Lisa Damour provides a fresh perspective on a classic issue every parent faces. Check out the 4 things your child needs (and hint, it’s not your solutions).


25 volunteer jobs to do from home – One phenomenal way to reduce our own anxiety is to put energy and focus into helping others. Operation Warm has put together a handy list of 25 volunteer jobs to do from home that you can share with your student.