Study International Business Internationally! With CIT Consultant Lessa Scherrer

Written by CIT Consultant Lessa Scherrer

Businesses and, therefore, business majors are at the forefront of the globalization of our economy. This is why international business as a major is increasing in popularity. There are many strong international business programs in the US, but why not go to the heart of the matter and study business in Europe? Earning your degree in Europe will teach you flexibility, independence, and intercultural skills that are highly marketable to employers. And there are many options: UCAS, the UK version of the Common App, lists nearly a hundred business and management programs within its system.

Business programs in UK schools are three years long and, like a direct admit program in a US college, put you right into business classes from the first day. Some UK bachelor’s degrees include a year abroad or a year in industry. These are four-year degree programs rather than three. Still, they offer invaluable experience in UK business practices or internships in France, Spain, Germany, or Italy, just to name a few. UK schools are also very diverse and popular with international students, which allows you to develop an international network of connections. The UK is known for its multicultural environment, and studying there provides exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures. This can benefit those aiming to develop a global mindset, which is essential in business. Understanding and being able to navigate the business culture in more than one country will make you extremely valuable to a US-based multinational corporation.

Many US students prefer England, Scotland, or Ireland for college because you are guaranteed that all your classes and classmates speak English. However, more and more colleges in mainland Europe offer degrees taught in English. The Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France, offers a three-year business degree taught in English, which you can follow with a master’s degree in their specialized wine and spirits industry school. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands offers a four-year international business degree in English emphasizing business, professional, and academic skills, as well as language instruction in one of ten different international languages.

For the independent and resourceful US student, studying international business in the UK or Europe can be an excellent opportunity to supercharge your business career!