Top strategies to help grandchildren with college

With the holiday season approaching, there is a terrific way grandparents may want to consider spoiling their grandchildren. Today’s retirees have accumulated wealth at unprecedented levels and combined with the rising cost of college, many now are taking advantage of an opportunity to provide a legacy of education to their grandchildren. However, without understanding the proper…

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Cutting tuition down to size

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College Inside Track was featured in the Highland Villager. Click here for a PDF of the article or read below. Cutting tuition down to size Business gives families the inside track when it comes to financing a college education By Frank Jossi Bill Shaffer and Nan Waisanen decided a couple of years ago that they…

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Holiday gift cards for college

You can give gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, and your favorite restaurant, so why not college? Check out this creative idea featured in the Chicago Tribune that you may want to share with your relatives!

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