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Have you been thinking about hiring a consulting team to assist your family with the college search? Here’s what a few recent clients had to say about their experiences with College Inside Track and their consultants.
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  • “I want to thank my CIT consultant for helping me with this whole college process. It made everything so much easier and way less stressful than it could have been!”
  • “I would like to thank my advisor. She has gone above and beyond throughout this college process. She is always willing to meet to review an essay and has given me great advice. I could not have done it without her!”
  • “I really enjoy how in-depth CIT is. I was able to get help finding colleges that would be a good fit for me, researching schools, and even brainstorming essay ideas. I enjoy how personal this program is. I really felt like my consultant and I got to know each other, and she suggested colleges that already had programs or aspects I was interested in. Through this program I was able to learn how beneficial applying early decision was and many other tips that helped my college application process. I got help editing my essays and keeping track of all the due dates. I am really proud of all the work I put in during the college application season, as well as getting into Northwestern, my dream school.”
  • “CIT greatly reduced the anxiety around the college application process. It provided clear guidance and timelines for completing your research and tasks. Many schools my daughter applied to weren’t on her radar until her consultant mentioned them. We are very grateful for all of her support!”
  • “Thank you so much to my consultant! You have been so helpful throughout this whole process and I genuinely do not know how we would have made it through with such a good result as we did without you. Your insight and guidance has really been vital in this process and I truly appreciate your kindness, positivity and care that you bring with you!!”
  • “Applying to school in another country was also challenging with different systems and expectations. We couldn’t have done it without College Inside Track and our consultant. I always knew my daughter would do well at a school that fits her creative mind. Our consultant encouraged her to write her essay on an independent study she did about citrus fruit and how the fruits we know today are not original fruits but hybrids, and what that tells us about how we view the world. I was skeptical but I believe the uniqueness of her essay really shined. Our consultant helped us pick schools that balanced music and Arts & Sciences with campus cultures that appealed to my daughter. And she kept us on track with kindness and understanding during a long process.”

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