Engineering Activities for High School Students

Written by CIT Consultant Paige Feldman

Calling All Future Engineers! 

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to talk about something that’s close to my heart – the thrilling and ever-expanding world of engineering! Did you know engineering is not just about solving puzzles; it’s about paving the way to our future with innovation, creativity, and, of course, a bit of that engineering magic? 

For all you bright minds out there already dreaming of engineering marvels, the journey starts now, right in your high school halls. Yes, you heard me! The race to join top engineering programs is on, and it’s more exhilarating than ever.

But here’s the scoop: stellar grades and acing those tests? They’re just part of the equation. To truly stand out, it’s all about showing your unwavering dedication to engineering. How, you ask? Dive into extracurriculars that scream, “I love engineering!”

🔹 Clubs Galore! Explore a World of Clubs in your high school! Dive into the heart of innovation by joining a club that sparks your creativity and fuels your engineering dreams. Imagine the thrill of bringing your ideas to life, from the precise art of Robotics to the soaring ambitions of Rocketry. Picture yourself crafting a 3D-printed work of art that defies expectations or programming a robot to move with the grace of a dancer. This is where legends are born, on the pages of your college applications. Embrace the excitement of the 3D Printing Club, where imagination meets reality in tangible forms. Or soar to new heights with the Aeronautics Club and Aviation Club, where the sky is not the limit but just the beginning. Illuminate the future with the Solar Planning Club, harnessing the sun’s power for sustainable solutions.

You can even join the Makers Club to innovate and create without boundaries or feel the adrenaline rush in the Formula Racing Club, designing speed machines that blur the lines between engineering and art. The Robotics Club and Rocketry Club offer arenas to challenge your skills and push the envelope of what’s possible. Lastly, don’t overlook the Computer Machinery Club, where the digital world offers endless opportunities for innovation and creativity. 

Each club is a unique chapter in your journey, offering a chance to build, create, and innovate beyond your wildest dreams. This is your ticket to crafting a college application that stands out, showcasing your commitment and passion for engineering. Let’s make those dreams a reality!

🔹 Summer Programs: Whether you’re a night owl in the dorms or a commuter catching the sunrise, engineering summer programs are your golden ticket to hands-on learning and making lifelong friends. See below for a list.

🔹 Community College Courses: Want a taste of college before the big leap? Community college courses are your best bet. Affordable, accessible, and a brilliant way to sharpen those engineering skills. Plus, you’ll stand out in the application crowd. 

🔹 DIY Projects: Got a passion project? From eco-friendly skateboards to homemade satellites, show the world what you’re made of all inside your home! These projects are your canvas; paint them with your innovation.

🔹 Compete & Conquer: Dive into competitions that challenge your brain and spirit. Build bridges, design robots, or even create a rocket. These competitions are not just about winning; they’re about proving your mettle as a future engineer.

Popular Engineering Competitions include

Engineering is more than a career path; it’s a journey of endless possibilities where your creations could one day change the world. So, to all the aspiring engineers out there, it’s time to gear up, get involved, and let your engineering dreams take flight. The future is bright, and it’s waiting for you to build it! 

Summer Programs: