Insider tips for the week of February 26, 2018

3 tips for having the scary college money talk – I’ve been shocked at how many families with HS students we’ve been meeting with lately have not talked about what they are willing or able to spend on college, both between the parents and with the student. We naturally avoid things that are scary, and I realized that many simply don’t know how to go about having this conversation.  Check out our 3 tips on how to do so!


“We” are not applying to college – Parenting blog Grown & Flown has a helpful piece for parents having a hard time letting go.


The 3 S’s – An open letter to parents – Jon McGee, who also doubles as a university administrator, provides advice to fellow parents on how they might think about and prepare for their child’s college expenses.


What college admission officers say they want in a candidate – Spend a few minutes reading advice directly from the horse’s mouth in this insightful Washington Post article. My favorite “The most attractive applications ultimately grant me insight into the applicant’s passion, motivation and reasoning behind wanting to be at [insert college].”