Insider tips for the week of June 26, 2017

How to make sense of college rankingsAn important read from the NY Times for every family engaging in the college process. My favorite takeaway: “It isn’t like Consumer Reports…the interaction between a student and an institution is not the same as the interaction between a student and a refrigerator.”



4 ways to spend one less semester in college and save: The average college grad takes an extra semester to graduate, which becomes an unplanned expense. Money magazine suggests some great ways to avoid that including choosing a college that has a track record of students finishing on time (some now even offer a guarantee), and testing your major early, since switching in junior or senior year will often mean a delay.


The scoop on athletic scholarships – Few areas of the college process have as much misinformation as athletic scholarships, and Lynn O’Shaugnessy does a nice job of dispelling myths and explaining how they actually work. A must-read for families who are considering college athletics at any level.



New change for federal student loan interest rates – College just got a little more expensive for those families taking out federal direct student loans. Interest rates for the 2017-18 school year were just announced, with the undergrad direct loan rate going up from 3.81% to 4.45% largely due to general market interest rates being higher.