Insider Tips for the week of May 6, 2023

Activities that impress colleges the most – Parents often wonder what type of activities their student can participate in to impress college admission officers most. CIT’s Paige Feldman explores this common question through the lens of impact, and what really matters most. A valuable read.

Signs your senior is ready for college – Sherri Gordon shares suggestions on how to assess your student’s college readiness as well as ideas on how you can help them become college ready

6 things parents should know about saving money with 529 plans – Kelly Burch provides a helpful summary of 529 plans. Take a minute to read and see if any elements are beneficial for your family.

The truth about rejection by elite colleges – Michelle Kretzschmar explains the reality is that the elite students make the elite universities, not the elite universities making elite students, and the universities are actually pretty upfront about this themselves. A worthwhile read.