Liar Liar Pants on Fire

At this point in the application year, we’ve all heard the enthusiastic, hyperbolic college admissions claims made by a friend, friends of friends, friends of children, the person at the grocery store.


In our new “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” series, CIT consultants debunk some of the claims we’re hearing about college admissions.

We would love to address some that YOU’RE hearing, too!  Tell us yours in the Comments section.  We will respond with specific and factual info, if you have a “could this be true?” question.



Liar Liar Claim #1:  “The child of a friend of a friend got into MIT (Yale, Harvard, Middlebury, Wellesley, Stanford, Dartmouth) on a full merit scholarship”

Not even possibly true, since schools like MIT and most other highly selective schools (and all Ivies) don’t give merit scholarships, only need-based aid.  Those fabulous grades and test scores might result in a positive admissions decision for a given student, but they won’t put merit dollars in anyone’s pockets.

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