CIT Students – Where are they now?

Lyla Dixon, a 2021 homeschool graduate who grew up in San Diego, recently contacted her CIT consultant to share the good news of her upcoming graduation and plan to pursue a master’s program in finance. Lyla faced challenges during her college search due to closed test centers and restricted campus tours during Covid-19. 

But Lyla was not deterred; she found a great fit at Chapman University in Orange, CA! She is currently studying abroad in London and has applied for a summer internship in Australia. 

What have you enjoyed most about your college experience? 

My study abroad experience and getting to explore other countries with my friends. 

What has been surprising to you about your college?

Talking to my professors and seeing how many of them have changed career paths throughout their lives. I expected professors who knew exactly what they wanted to do after they graduated, but it’s nice speaking to people who found their passion later in life. 

What specific major are you studying? What experiences/classes have confirmed this is a good choice for you?

I’m studying finance, which I think was the right choice for me because I like math and seeing how it applies to my life. I’m applying to be admitted to a Master’s Degree in Finance at USD and plan on becoming a financial advisor in 2025. 

What is your best tip for making the most of the first year of college? 

My only regret is not joining more clubs and being active on campus because I was scared of falling behind in my coursework. I think even if you’re not super interested in a club it’s just important to at least try something new out because it helps give you common ground with someone you may have never crossed paths with otherwise. Also, I think it really helps to make the first move of inviting people out to coffee or lunch because everyone is nervous to make the first move, so you make so many more friends if you take the initiative and invite people out. 

Reflecting upon your college search: what advice would you give high school students who are searching for the right fit specific to a major?

My entire thought process for picking my major was: What kind of lifestyle do I want and what kind of people do I want to be around? If you’re unsure how to answer these questions, then I think taking different classes and paying attention to what classes interest you most naturally. For example, I was interested in finance and real estate, so I took classes in both subjects and the more I learned about real estate and spoke to real estate agents in my area about their honest experiences working in the field I learned that I’m not interested in becoming a real estate agent. In my finance classes though, I really connected with my professors and liked learning the material. The more I learned about my finance professors’ career paths and lifestyles, it aligned with what I wanted for my future, which is why I’ve decided to become a financial advisor.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Studying and getting good grades is very important, but you can always retake a class. You won’t remember getting a 92 on a test, but you’ll remember how you felt when you rushed your sorority or met your best friend for the first time. Push yourself to open yourself to the full four years of freedom and fun memories with your friends and say yes to as many opportunities as you can.