Insider tips for the week of January 4, 2021


FAFSA changes – The COVID relief bill passed at the end of 2020 also included some significant changes to the FAFSA, including how multiple students in college are treated and how divorced parents complete it. While the changes do not go into effect until the 2023-24 school year, that year’s FAFSA will use tax information from 2021, so there are current day considerations. Check out these important new changes.


mom worried about collegeHow to cope with anxiety in the admissions processA Hillside article recommends several strategies for reducing anxiety and approaching the college admissions process with a clear mind, including creating realistic expectations, providing support and a listening ear, and discouraging comparison to others. Take a minute to read and then share with your student.


How to access college disability services and accommodations – Nearly 1 in 5 students pursuing college has a disability, yet it can be challenging for families to navigate how to access services to support the success of their child. it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to request the disability-related accommodations they need, and has published a helpful guide on the topic.


collage of student emotions about college process12 signs you’re losing it over the college admissions process – For a few good laughs during what has been an extra-stressful year, check out this Boston Globe article, full of hilarious nuggets only parents going through the admissions process could appreciate.