Congratulations to Kaelyn Hvidsten, University of Minnesota Duluth Class of 2028

Meeting Kaelyn is an unforgettable experience. Her intelligence, creativity, and generosity are matched only by her vibrant personality. Hailing from Minnesota, Kaelyn is a dynamic student who has left an indelible mark on her community. Her prowess as a writer and artist has been recognized by her high school, which awarded her exceptional achievements in the English and Art departments.

Kaelyn started her college search knowing she wanted to pursue something creative.  Kaelyn’s mom describes how the college search process began. “When Kaelyn worked with her consultant, she quickly determined that English and Art would be the areas she would like to focus on. So, as we embarked on our college tours, those were the programs/majors that we paid attention to. What helped Kaelyn the most was touring different schools and then talking about it with her consultant after each tour, comparing the things she liked and didn’t like about each school.”  During these tours and discussions, Kaelyn realized she wanted to be closer to home.  Once Kaelyn visited the University of Minnesota Duluth, she became hooked. Kaelyn says, “One of UMD’s biggest pulls for me is their English and Arts programs. Every faculty member I’ve spoken with has been exceptionally kind. UMD makes it super easy to mix and match programs and create an individualized experience, so I get more great opportunities at a reachable cost. Additionally, Duluth itself is an exceedingly vibrant community.”

While applying to colleges, Kaelyn learned more about honors colleges and decided to apply to UMD’s Honors Program. Her mom shares, “The honors program includes the option to live in an honors community and also will provide a scholarship for her to study abroad during her years at UMD. Kaelyn’s consultant helped her through the process of applying to the honors program, and she made it in! Having this built-in community for Kaelyn to engage in will be a great help to get her started and thriving in school.” 

We asked Kaelyn to share one of the most interesting parts of her college search process. “I never realized how beneficial my extracurricular activities would be in my college application process. Not only did the activities bring me joy and opportunities to push myself outside of my comfort zone, but I could also write about the things I learned from them in my essays.”  Her parents appreciated College Inside Track’s keeping them aware of important dates. “This really helped us not miss something or have to scramble at the last minute. Kaelyn was often done with things before many of her peers, and we often heard her guiding her friends as to what they needed to do!”

Kaelyn credits her parents for their help and describes them as the cornerstone of this entire process. “Whenever I got tired or frustrated, they offered me encouragement and invaluable advice. I am fortunate enough to have a family who cares more about my experience at college.   They wanted me to find a school where I would have fun while also providing me with a space to work hard and learn deeply. More than that, they have instilled an irreplaceable confidence in my worth as a human being, which is pretty much the greatest gift anyone could give me.”

Kaelyn has visited UMD several times and offered to tour with friends interested in the school. Kaelyn’s mom described her perfectly when she said,  “She has such a warmth and brightness to her spirit that people just love to be around her. Her presence absolutely lights up any room she’s in!”

 We are all better people because we know Kaelyn. Congratulations on making it to the end of Senior Year, Kaelyn! We know you’re going to be awesome at UMDuluth!