Congratulations to Vince Cormier, University of Tampa Class of 2028

CIT congratulates Vince Cormier as he celebrates his exciting journey to the University of Tampa in 2028! UT is where academic brilliance meets warm personal attention and practical experience, all nestled in an unbeatable location. One step onto the gorgeous riverfront campus, and you’ll feel right at home, ready to dive into a world brightened by your unique contributions.

Vince shares why UT stole his heart: “I was on the lookout for a place that promised both top-tier education and adventure. Tampa felt right—friendly, welcoming, and academically rigorous. Deciding was nerve-wracking, but now, I’m proud and sure it was the perfect choice for me.” 

Growing up in chilly Minnesota, Vince always dreamt of warm days to enjoy his cross-country running, making UT’s vibrant, sunny setting a dream come true. The university’s intimate class sizes and stellar reputation were just the icing on the cake.

Throughout his life, Vince has cherished community and connection. An Eagle Scout dedicated to aiding those in need, he’s excited about UT’s close-knit campus vibe, where he can form strong bonds with both peers and professors. “The laid-back campus life, the study sessions by the pool, and the flexibility in choosing my major really sealed the deal for me,” he notes.

Vince’s parents are particularly proud of his resilience and adaptability, having switched schools multiple times and thrived in various settings from a young age. His innate ability to connect with others and his leadership in community service are qualities they admire deeply. “Vince’s journey to UT is not just a testament to his academic abilities but also his exceptional character and commitment,” they reflect.

Vince also extends heartfelt thanks to those who’ve guided him along the way. Paige, his counselor, was instrumental in demystifying the college selection process, helping him find and choose UT. “Paige showed me the ropes, from the application process to college tours—she was invaluable,” Vince laughs. He’s equally grateful to his parents for their unwavering support and encouragement through high school’s ups and downs and to his I.B. History teacher, Ms. Merkle, whose influence in shaping his academic confidence will last a lifetime.

As Vince prepares to embark on this new chapter at UT, he and his family treasure the memories made during college visits, moments of shared joy and discovery that will be cherished long after he steps onto campus as a proud Spartan. They offer this piece of advice to other families: take those campus tours, and immerse in those experiences together—it’s not only enlightening but also a precious opportunity to create lasting bonds.

Here’s to sunny days ahead at UT, Vince! We’re all rooting for you as you set forth to make your mark in college and beyond. More importantly, your hard work and effort during this process will be your secret sauce to success.