Insider Tips for the week of September 9, 2023

Important financial aid info – College Inside Track’s Jay Benanav provides answers to important financial aid questions. Take a few minutes to read his advice. It’s not about the college, it’s about you – Lee Coffin encourages students to start with personal reflection in the college process. Every college offers a different answer to those…

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“Enough” in the AP Curriculum Landscape

Written by CIT Consultant Susan Whalen As high school students begin the new school year, College Board officials have sounded new alarms about students who are “over-enrolled” in AP classes, as well as speaking directly to equity issues posed by high schools that “underserve” their students with feeble curriculum offerings for the potentially college-bound. At …

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Insider tips for the week of February 28, 2022

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  Types of loans available – Fred Amrein provides a good summary of the various loans that may be offered to families as part of a college’s financial aid package. Key learning: The Direct Federal Loan is the only one entirely owed by the student and is limited to a total of $31,000 over all…

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